All IJCU content is freely available for the public to distribute, reuse and remix. Just make sure appropriate attribution or credit is indicated.

IJCU Journals

IJCU publishes a suite of peer-reviewed Open Access Journals featuring quality research, expert commentary and critical analysis across all areas of the subjects. Each journal is editorially independent and specialized with regard to both its selection criteria and breadth of content.

IJCU Channels

IJCU Channels are resources for research communities, curated by leading researchers and featuring the most up-to-date scientific content from IJCU journals as well as from the broader literature, supplemented by commentary, blogs, news and discussions.

IJCU Collections

IJCU Collections aggregate and curate related content from across IJCU journals, The IJCU Blogs Network and select Open Access external sources, providing structured access to content of focused interest. Diverse collections demonstrate innovative approaches to the organization and reuse of research, data and commentary, and provide opportunity for new content to be added to existing collections.

IJCU Currents

IJCU Currents expedites the sharing of scientific data and research ideas with a streamlined peer review process, especially valuable in response to public research. IJCU Currents is organized into focused research areas covering linguistics, literature, culture, engineering, IT, scientific research, management, social sciences and more. All content is citable, publicly archived in Elsevier Mendeley and indexed by CrossRef as well as Google Scholar.

In addition to core Journals, themed Collections and rapid publication opportunity with Currents, IJCU maintains a wide range of blogs and online communities. We continue to explore new forms of curation and posting as part of a commitment to improve Open Access scientific Publishing and extend its utility, thereby advancing the pace and positive impact of scientific discovery around the world.

IJCU Blogs

Discovery, visibility, discussion and dissemination of new science is enhanced on The IJCU Blogs Network, an array of blogs and research communities bringing expert voices and diverse readers together for vital dialogue and debate. With a regular audience of more than 1 million readers, the majority practicing scientists, IJCU BLOGS topics range from the latest research to current issues affecting the broad scientific community.