2016 Comparative Studies with Prof. Dennis W. Johnson

2016-04-21 10:30:00

Comparative studies is arranged by Prof. Dennis W. Johnson that conducted in Udayana University then doctorate program student follow this important event wherein some of them are article authors of IJCU Journal. He is a Professor of English Language Specialist, Oller Center, Carriage House, 2nd Floor, California, USA as well as editor in International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Cu Readmore [...]

2015 The Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia

2015-09-16 06:15:00

The Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia. The 62nd TEFLIN an International Conference in 2015 is held on September 14th – 16th. The program book of Teaching and Assessing L2 Learners in the 21st Century is managed by English Department Faculty of Letters and Culture of Post Graduate Study Program in Udayana University. Readmore [...]

2015 International Seminar

2015-08-29 10:20:00

The 7th International Seminar on Austronesian-Non Austronesian Language and Literature has been conducted in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on August 28-29, 2015. There are some subject’s area including exploration, explanation, and interpretation on the language phenomenon for development of Austronesian and Non Austronesian linguistics and literature. Wherein, some papers are presented in t Readmore [...]

2014 Publishing Partner Team

2014-12-31 10:15:00

Publishing partner team for IJCU Journals that located in Indian. All of them are professor which has much contribution for IJCU Journals. Readmore [...]

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