A: No. The IJCU is a private organization and does not receive funds from the government or the public.
A: No. The IJCU is not a charitable organization. The laws do not permit us to accept donations. We suggest that potential donors look for charitable organizations approved by the government.
A: The IJCU does not hire scientists or researchers to conduct research. However, we provide funds to the existing research projects at universities and research institutions.
A: Currently, we do not accept applications from individual researchers. We usually provide the funds to existing research projects managed by universities or research institutions.

A: We follow the Gold Open Access way. This means that authors publish in our journals that provide immediate open access for readers to all articles on the publisher’s website. The readers pay nothing, while authors (or their institutions or funders) pay a publishing fee to maintain the journal operation.

A: The waive policy is only applied to the journal reviewers and editorial members, who may publish one article per year free of charge.
A: As a responsible and transparent organization, we would like to inform the academic community how we use the publication fee from authors. Please see the report from the journal department.
A: No. We only publish online journals.

A: Attitudes about self-plagiarism vary in the academic community. However, our policy is that self-plagiarism is still plagiarism, and, like all reputable publishers, we do not tolerate it.

A: We have a policy of “Zero Tolerance on Plagiarism.” We use CrossCheck (powered by iThenticate) to check submissions for plagiarism.

A: It depends on the specific journal. Please visit each journals website for details.

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